, Married 8/2014

Me and Andrew began talking on POF in August 2013. We both decided right after corresponding a few times that we would delete our accounts and text and call eachother exclusively. I knew right away that he was going to be special. We talked for 3 months before meeting, every single day. He became my best friend and go to guy. We live about 3 hours away from eachother and he was truck driving most of the time. We used snap chat and voxer to communicate as well as phone calls and texting on a daily basis. In November we finally decided to meet up. I was nervous to meet the man I knew so well over the phone but was unsure what it would be like in person! I was relieved when we met, he was even more attractive in real life and we already had such a close bond for talking so long. I have never experienced anything like this. Since meeting up we have continued to travel back and forth weekly to spend time together. We are completely compatible and totally in love...also currently discussing a future wedding. We are both 100% committed to one another. He not only loves me but also my 1 year old daughter. Could not be any happier so thanks POF!!!!!