Leianne & Walt, Married 4/2014

"Sunshineman_ and Sunshinelover2 find Happiness"
Walt had been single for a number of years and I was single for a short period of time when we met through Plenty of Fish. Our first date was at a restaurant and I can still remember him waiting outside for me. He did not want me to come inside alone to search for him. He was a gentleman from the beginning and still is today. We quickly discovered we shared a love for good bourbon and have enjoyed many nights exploring different types of bourbon. Walt is such a wonderful man and full of life - he enjoys every day to the fullest. During our first year together we grew to love each other very much and both had such happiness in our lives. All of my friends told me they had never seen me so happy. I knew this man was meant for me and that I would love to spend the rest of my life with him. The day he proposed was very unexpected but one of the happiest days in my life. Until my wedding day and standing on the altar across from the man who is now my husband, lover and best friend.