Grace & Cory, Married 7/2013

"First came love then came a miracle!"
After many dates over the period of 3 years, I was ready to give up online dating. It wasn't until a profile caught my eye and my gut feeling told me to message this guy that lived 9 hours away from me. My profile had shown that he had viewed me, but I never received a message from him. Not backing down as I had a gut feeling to message him I went ahead. We felt like we had known each other for years. Our conversations turned into Skype dates and a month after turned into Cory driving all the way to my home town to meet me face to face. When we finally met we hugged and shared our first kiss, it was like we had been away from each other for a long time and we were reuniting. Our first date consisted of making homemade pizzas with my family. From three years of dates from POF I knew this time around to trust my families opinion. I told myself one red flag and he's gone! After the approval, we started dating. Back and forth over 5 months Cory drove 9 hours after 12 hour shifts to see me (ladies when a guy shows that much commitment, he's worth it!). Within 5 months we were engaged, we knew we were it for each other from the beginning. Our first I love yous was on a Skype date before we even met face to face. It sounds so corny but the song I knew I loved you before I met you by savage garden became reality. Within a year we were married and what an amazing day that was. To tell people we found each other on a dating site is still to this day pretty incredible. We never thought this dream of finding our soul mate would ever come true. Within six months of being married we found out we were pregnant! We have a beautiful boy named Owen, who unfortunately is at sick kids with half a working heart. I couldn't imagine my life without Cory, he is my best friend and the person I cleave to especially as we go through this new journey with our baby. If it wasn't for POF, we would've never found one another and had our happy ever after story and without each other we would've never had our amazing son. There is hope for those who are still searching, the key is to be honest in what you want in your partner and be true to who you are.