Carolyne & Neil, Married 3/2015

Refusing to settle for less than butterflies I was ready to give up on dating, and be forever single as the crazy cat lady, I had one last look through a couple of pof profiles. Late on the evening of March 16th 2012 I came across a profile, I read the profile a couple of times. A good looking man, his personality & humour appealed. I didn't think he'd message me back, his profile ended with "Just say Hi", so i did... that was it, "Hi". I waited online for a little while, but no response, so off to bed I went. The following morning I had an alert, to be honest, I thought it was another time waster so I ignored it for a while. I logged on a few hours later to read a message from the man I thought wouldn't respond.. Excited? Just a little!! Well, the messages went back and forth all day and the following day we swapped phone numbers. We text everyday and on Sunday March 25th we arranged our first date for March 28th 2012, 7.30pm. We both arrived early. We sat talked and laughed all evening, so lost in our conversation we had only one drink. Time flew before we knew it, it was after 11pm, they were closing up and kicking us out! We shared a lot of stuff that night, crap we'd dealt with previously and our ideas of how relationships should be.. we were totally honest with each other. It didn't feel odd or intense, it was natural and comfortable. We didn't jump in too quick but there isn't a day since that we haven't spoken, over the next few weeks the dates increased and the rest as they say is history... We dated, we moved in to our first home in August 2013, got engaged in November 2014 & married on the 3rd anniversary of our first date, March 28th 2015. I cannot express how blessed I am, I met my absolute best friend ever through pof.