, Married 6/2015

Kole and I (Taylor) both joined POF almost as a joke... Not in a joke like trying to be rude, but a joke in the sense that we both didn't envision ourselves meeting our future partners on the site. Both of us had recently broken up with past relationships and weren't really looking for anything too serious. We met after I had started schooling. Both of us were in our wild days. Surprisingly enough, we clicked from the minute he picked me up. We went to Starbucks, and he told me his favorite musician was Prince... We argued on the first date! He had never heard of a specific Prince album, and didn't believe me when I told him about it (He found out he was wrong shortly after). I knew after he dropped me off from that first date that I was actually interested in pursuing him further, and we talked, texted and hung out almost every single day. We started dating exclusively in January of 2011, and literally about 17 days after that, were going on a trip to Mexico together. My mom was fairly unsure, but not much you can do when you have a stubborn daughter. The trip was a blast, we learned a lot about each other and grew from that experience. After my whole family (I'm the youngest of 5 kids) had met him and my brothers and him got along well, I believe sub consciously I had already decided that he was 'The One'... That was four and a half years ago, and now we're getting married in 60 short days! I can't imagine i would have met Kole without POF, and i'm sure glad I did. Without the online dating, who knows where either of us would have been now!