, Married 5/2015

We could both sense the attraction we had for each other on our very first date, and that grew day by day. We did so many things together and still do! We have so much in common, travel, reading, the beach, going out to eat, motorcycle riding, talking, trying new things, ect. We learned to love each other's children and treat them as our own. We are both romantics and Mark has always surprised me with gifts, flowers and coffee in bed every morning! We communicate so well, and both have a sense of humor. I am a very energetic, out there type of person and Mark is my rock, so it makes for a great balanced relationship. He surprised me on Christmas Eve with a beautiful engagement ring! The best Christmas ever! My family loves him, as do my children. We had a beautiful boho style garden wedding on May 16th and then went on a very romantic honeymoon to a beach resort. I have met my soulmate for life. Thank you POF. Moira Stovall