Ronnie & Maria, Married

Maria had put me under her favorites. After a couple months I finally noticed that this lady 170 miles away was interested. She immediately caught my eye. I messaged her and we connected instantly. We had chat on POF for a month before exchanging numbers. After 3 months of texting she invited me to her friends wedding. It would be the first time meeting. We finally met June 14, 2014. Right when we hugged for the first time, I knew I wouldn't let her slip away. We consistently traveled every weekend to visit one another. On July 3, 2014 she asked me to be her boyfriend. I of course said yes. Our relationship became stronger as the days went by. In January 2015, I moved to her hometown and we bought a house together. April 16 I proposed. She said YES! She is absolutely the greatest thing in my life.