, Married 8/2012

Dear POF, let me start by saying thanks. Being a single mom I didn't have time to hit the bars and the clubs and lots of social outings. I also didn't have the money to pay for online dating! I met my husband in 2011. He messaged me and we had lunch. He was sweet, attractive and successful! Neither of us thought about marriage we had only wanted a long term friend and lover. We were engaged in three months. I know that seems soon, but it was just right. And we both knew it. I have friends who have tried two other very popular paid dating sites (I won't mention names). They have all been paired with the WRONG matches, dead end dates and other nightmares. I tell them over and over, POF! Try it! My husband and I lived and worked in the same town, knew some of the same people and even worked in the same industry and never met. Never would have either (I shudder to think). Thanks to POF, we have been married 3 years as of last month. You should charge! I would have paid. Big bucks. Thanks again!