, Married 4/2015

Back in 2013, both Nick Yost & Veronica Ahiati (now Yost) were in a rut when it came to their love-lives. Veronica, having moved to the Troy, NY in the US from the African country of Ghana a few years prior, was struggling to meet anyone remotely serious about a relationship, and struggling to establish a social life in a new country in general. Nick, having lived in the Albany, NY area for the majority of his life, wasn't having any success in the dating world either, as relationship after relationship with classmates, friends-of-friends, etc. just always seemed to fail. Veronica was actually on the verge of packing up her things and moving back to Ghana, while Nick was starting to lose hope in finding love. In comes PlentyOfFish! Nick stumbled upon Veronica's profile, and noticed right away that they were both looking for a serious relationship. Her profile made it clear that she was an educated, independent, young professional woman, which was something Nick desired for greatly when searching for companionship. Nick's profile also made it clear to Veronica that he wasn't here for just a fling, and she also loved the fact that she could see ahead of time that Nick does not smoke (deal-breaker!). Common threads became apparent in the details of their profiles, and the two began chatting, gradually warming up to each other, which eventually led to their first date - A casual meet-up for lunch at Dinosaur BBQ in Troy, NY. After some more chatting, they went on their 2nd date, a bit more formal and romantic, at an upscale Italian restaurant. After dinner and a walk through the city - which eventually lead them both to rushing back to their cars in the rain - they departed with their first kiss. Things moved very quickly after that, leading to engagement in July 2014 (the story of which is hilarious in its own right), and then a *perfect* wedding in April of 2015. They remain happily married now, more than 1 year into marriage, and looking to start having kids soon. Considering the vast differences between Nick & Veronica's backgrounds, and also considering their lives' situations at the time when they met, the probability of them having ever met each other without POF would have been virtually 0. Coming from halfway around the world, to connecting in the small city of Troy, NY, it is remarkable that something so rare as their true love could have easily never happened, if it weren't for the resources provided by your online dating service. They are forever grateful to POF for this!!