, Married 6/2016

I first came across Plenty of Fish after a coworker recommended it to me. I was teaching and had JUST bought my first house so I was super busy. I often got home around 6, and just cooked dinner, watched a little TV, and went to bed. My coworker recommended Plenty of Fish so I would get out and meet people. I lived in a relatively rural suburb of Phoenix, so it was hard to meet anyone out and about, just running errands. I had been on Plenty of Fish for a few months (maybe less), when I received a message from someone with a very odd username (what kind of name is "uumeran"?!)! We didn't have a THING in common, but that didn’t matter because I soon discovered, he was HILARIOUS! After messaging on the site for awhile, I gave “uumeran”, now Mike to me, my phone number. We went on our first date on April 3, 2014. It was AMAZING. He was EXACTLY who he said he was and he was even funnier in person. He was also the perfect gentleman. Nothing was planned beyond mini golfing, but we didn't want the night to end, so after playing a couple of rounds, we decided to drive around and look for a place to eat. We ended up eating at a steakhouse. We had a few more dates after our first, and 6 days later, as we were hugging in the empty parking lot of my job after just our 3rd date, Mike asked me to be his girlfriend. It was so sweet. Mike was the perfect boyfriend for me. We went on trips together, movie and dinner dates, and spent lots of time just enjoying each other's company at our respective homes. And yet, I was still completely surprised when on August 14, 2015, in the auditorium of my school in front of all the teachers and staff, Mike got down on one knee and proposed. We were just recently married on June 30, 2016 in Las Vegas and our honeymoon cruise is in a few weeks. I’m currently in the process of changing my name so we’ll officially be Mr. and Mrs. Uumeran, or more formally, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. ;)