Stacy & Mike, Married 7/2016

I had came out of an bad 20 year marriage. Mike came out of a 13 year marriage. I had just lost my youngest son, and was very lonely and hurting over the death of my son. My friends where all dating on POF and I was telling them on line was not for me. After they had convinced me to give it a try I went on and my oldest son wrote my profile. I did not have the confidence to write about my self. I found POF was easy to use and received severely e-mails from possible matches. I went on a few dates. When I saw Mikes profile but did not have the guts to E-mail. He E-mailed me. We talked back and forth for a while. He finally asked me out. We lived 1 1/2 away. He invited me to go on a motorcycle ride down through the Klamath river in CA side and along the California coast and home through the Oregon coast Smith River. We rode over 400 miles that day. I remember thinking how handsome he was. I felt very free while riding on the back of his bike realizing why my son had such a love to ride. He hooked me. We went on several dates after that and just got Married July 16 in Lake Tahoe where we had our second date!