, Married 5/2016

Devoting 16 years of my life to single handedly bring up my children, left me out-of-touch with dating. But then my 18yrs old daughter secretly set up a profile for me with POF. I received over 400 hits within the first 24hrs of the profile launch. We tried to whittle the number down but with no success and the number incresased to over 1,500 within 3 days. It just kept creeping up and i didn't even know there were that many men alive in my region let alone single and wanting to meet me. My daughter and I eventually decided to pick three of them out and she insisted i met with Martyn aka Bellboy100 ( now my husband), and so i did. we were quite nervous at first meeting and he told me later that he thought i was too good for him and i would never want to see him again. Mainwhile, 3 minutes into our meeting, I knew i was going to marry him and spend our lives together but kept my cool. Nine months later we got engaged and got married on the 18th month after POF brought us together. Thank you POF for being responsible for our happiness.