Stacei & Greg, Married 9/2017

When I came across Greg's profile I was almost done with dating websites; I decided to consciously change the fact that I kept gravitating towards the same type of men; ones that wanted someone right now with no future. I fell upon Greg's profile and thought to myself, "he sounds nice, looks like a nerd...I am going to message him!" So I did and he messaged me back :) We made plans to meet up at some point but one day as I was coming home from school I texted him on a whim to announce I was going to stop by (I was less nervous that way!) That gave him 30 minutes to clean his house he told me! I stopped by and I met his amazing dog Layla who took a few minutes to warm up to me, then we all sat on his living room floor nervously and just chatted. When I left, we had the nervous first hug, about a week later we had our first date which turned from going to a nice restaurant and movie, to going to Denny's and playing mini golf. I knew that he was the one when we both ordered mayonnaise with our French Fries :) Now I get to marry my best friend and I couldn't be happier!