, Married 5/2017

I looked at Mark's profile in early May of last year but didn't have the guts to message him. He saw that i had viewed my profile and reached out to me with a funny message. We started chatting through the app and I turned him down when he asked me on a date almost right away. We kept chatting and after a few days I gave him my phone number. After about a week of talking every day we agreed to meet on a blind date at a local restaurant. We met in the parking lot and the spark and chemistry was instant. After dinner he asked if I wanted to go on a walk, so we did a a park near the restaurant. We sat on a park bench and talked for two hours, and both of us just kind of knew. We were engaged 7 months later and we will be married in May, a year to the day after our first date. We are so glad we gave POF a chance and are so excited for our future together!