Crystal & Jacob, Married 7/2017

Jacob first messaged Crystal in July of 2013. Crystal looked at his profile and immediately dismissed him. With his full sleeve tattoos and piercings, Crystal thought he wasn't her type, or at least not what she was looking for on POF. Besides, his profile indicated he preferred short blondes and that certainly didn't describe her. Despite the rejection, Jacob sent Crystal another message urging her to give him a chance, that he really was a good guy. His perseverance was unusual, most guys on POF move on when they see their initial interest isn't immediately returned so Crystal decided to give him a chance. As it turns out, they had a lot of similar interests, goals, ideals and dreams. Jacob won Crystal over with his charm and genuine personality and she was everything he ever wanted, so after nearly 4 years of dating they tied the knot, seamlessly blending from 2 single parents into one happy family of 4.