, Married 3/2018

I felt frustrated relationships had failed me. Even though I tried to make them work, I felt past boyfriends never fully loved or understood me. Plenty of Fish was an efficient way of finding people that have compatible beliefs and life goals. Stephen made me laugh over messaging immediately. I could tell he really put effort into his responses which was important to me. When we met for coffee, i had never felt such immediate and passionate chemistry for anyone. Several hours into effortless talking, he looked nervous and said, "I don't know how this works...Like how long to wait before going out again." I told him I liked him and didn't see the need to wait an arbitrary amount of time, and he replied, "Ok. What about tomorrow?" A couple weeks later, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I had to admit to him that I already been telling people he was my boyfriend! Our friendship and love grew with graceful ease. I have never felt such a desire to serve someone else, to put his needs before mine. Conversely, he has faithfully been by my side as I have been struggling through some unexpected health issues this past year. I know we have a solid foundation that can conquer our future hardships. We are engaged to be married on St. Patrick's Day of 2018, and it could not come fast enough! Thank you, POF. I don't think we ever would have met if it were not for your app. Thanks to you, we found true joy and cannot wait for the adventures to come!