Sarah & Zach, Married 6/2017

Our story began in July 2015 at Two George's Restaurant in Deerfield Beach, FL over crab cakes and a few Corona's. It was the best date either of us had ever had. Sarah's cheeks hurt by the end of the night from smiling so much and Zach hadn't even made it two stop lights after we parted ways, before smiling at her from his truck, waving, and sending her a text about when they'd get together next. And by the second date, Zach had bought a brand new truck to impress her at a Drive-In Movie! It was clear from the beginning, that we had never laughed harder, smiled more, or been happier and that we were made for each other. Fast forward through endless Hibachi and Pad Thai date nights, big wins at the casino, Jeep rides through the Mountains of Sparta, and showing each other off to all our family and friends, we knew we'd never want anything more than each other. After the perfect and most intimate engagement on Sarah's birthday in Delray Beach, FL and relocating to their first home in Boca Raton together, Sarah and Zach have been loving every minute of creating a household and life together. Sarah wakes up every morning sad to see Zach leave for the day and is beaming on her ride home from work to see him each night. Zach has been working hard to remodel and build them the house of their dreams and has become the best father to his newly adopted French Bulldog son, Kingsley! Zach and Sarah were married on June 10th, 2017 surrounded by family and friends in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and later honeymooned to Alaska. Every day we find ourselves more in love and feeling like the happiest couple there is! We are so grateful to Plenty of Fish for helping us find each other. As we were both new to our area, Sarah was working from home and Zach worked in the Marine Construction business only surrounded by men. It would have been impossible for us to have met had it not been for POF. Here is a link to our wedding video showing on the love and happiness we have been able to share: