, Married 7/2017

I emailed my husband first on POF. I had been on for years and decided to set out my search 200 miles since trying to date in my area was getting boring. He has just joined the site and was only on for LESS than 24 hours when I messaged him. I wasn't sure if I wanted to message him at first as New York was far from where I was located in NJ, but I decided what was the worst that could happen? We started talking and instantly we just clicked. It took a few weeks to meet in person, and when we did, it felt so natural. We long distanced dated for 1 year and a half. That is HARD! I don't recommend it unless you have a strong partner! Then he moved to NJ and we have been in NJ since. We got married 7/14/2017. We even had our cake topper as 2 fish kissing and my wedding favors were Swedish fish. We tell everyone we met on POF and most people are amazed. Hey, when its right, its right no matter how you met. So THANK POF for helping us meet! We are most defiantly each others soul mates! Kim & Daniel Encarnacion