, Married 9/2017

Before Rocky, I didn't really give anyone the time of the day or a shot at really getting to know me. I was extremely guarded and didn't know if I'd ever find my happy ending. I was a single mom of 3 working 2 jobs. I was only on POF for 3 days and boy am I thankful I was. Rocky messaged me among hundreds of others but his profile instantly caught my eye and I felt like I got a vibe for who he was and what he was looking for before ever actually having a conversation.I loved that because nowa days dating can be hard and POF gave me some insight. We both deactivated our accounts after messaging back and forth for a couple days and exchanging numbers and talking for hours on the phone ever day . Our first date was about 3 weeks later, it was perfect. He picked me up, we went to a local pizza place, listened to music and just talked. From that day forward we pretty much inseparable. We did the normal dating thing for 8 or 9 months Letting our kids meet and enjoying life. July of the following year Rocky gave me the surprise of my life and proposed. Neither of us had been married, neither of us had ever thought we would find true happiness and a perfect role model for our children. September of this year we were married with the absolute perfect celebration of family, love and happiness! We even got matching POF fish tattoos. Thank you. POF!