Janine & Allen, Married 2/2018

Allen and I spoke on and off for a few months before meeting. He asked me to meet him for dinner and I said yes. It was the Saturday of labor day weekend. We had a pretty low key dinner, burgers and beers at a bar. After we ate he suggested we go to a club, I was up for anything, he seemed to be a nice guy. We took an uber to the club and continued to converse and laugh the whole ride. We got to the club and got a table where we continued on chatting and having more drinks. He had a great sense of humor which is huge to me. After talking and joking around we hit the dance floor. The man had moves! We had so much fun and I knew I wanted to see him again. I had never kissed anyone on the first date, but Allen got one. At the end of the night we ubered back to our cars and went out separate ways. Allen texted me when he got home and told me the rest of his plans for the long weekend. He explained that he wanted to see me again and that I was welcome to tag along with him to anything he had planned. The next day I went to a BBQ with him and met my now, inlaws. His family was very welcoming and everything else just fell into place after that.