Amie & Matthew, Married 4/2017

After many failed attempts at relationships on PoF I was starting to feel like giving up...but something just kept drawing me back and telling me not to. One night, I was sat in the house I’d just purchased...alone...scrolling through my ‘matches’ as I thought about how much I wanted to share this home with someone special. I was being sinical about all the profiles when suddenly I stopped at one and thought he was a little different to all the others I’d seen before. He appeared smart, handsome and intelligent to good to be true? I’d decided I was not going to message a man first...but it wouldn’t hurt to click the ‘show an interest’ button...would it? The next day I woke up to a message from Felix1982, he’d seen my interest in his profile and had sent me a heartwarming note showing he’d read my profile and asked me lots of questions to deepen his interest was definitely sparked! I replied, we exchanged numbers and over the next two weeks we were in contact via text and phone regularly throughout the day....I realised I was falling for a man I hadn’t even met yet! But then, as always in my life, disaster struck...Matt confessed he was only living in Dudley for the summer, in fact his real home was Italy and he was going back in 2days! Typical, I thought! Just my luck! But Matt was desperate to meet me before he left, he said he couldn’t go back to Italy without meeting this girl he felt he already knew so well...I was so close to saying no...where could it possibly go? But I’m only 26, surely now is a time to take risks, what have I got to lose?! I agreed to meet and we arranged it for the next day, a local hotel bar (I know what you’re all thinking...stop it, I’m not that kind of girl). Matt didn’t message me all day, again I started to think the worst ‘oh he’s going to let me down, just like all the others’...8pm came and went...still no message! At 8.30pm my phone started going was Matt...he was running late due to having to go to wales unexpectedly (likely story I thought)...but still wanted to meet me in an hour at our agreed bar. Again I was faced with a dilemma, to trust or not to trust? The same ‘what have I got to lose’ line kept going over in my head, ‘I’m too young to stop taking risks in life yet’ I frantically got ready and off I went. I was so nervous! I’d done this dozens of times before but for some reason I was shaking! I called my best friend to tell her where I was going (better to be safe than sorry) she was not impressed that it was so late...but she supported my decision as she always does. As I entered the bar my heart was racing, I got a small glass of wine and sat down...desperately scanning the room. Then there he was, he was so much more handsome than his photos! His hand was covered in paint from his trip to Wales (whoops, turned out he was telling the truth after all) as he reached out to greet me with a kiss on the mouth went dry...I suddenly felt completely giddy! There wasn’t a single awkward moment all evening, we sat and talked at the bar into the small hours...on a school night! When it came time to leave I was terrified...did he really like me or was he just one of those wonderfully polite men who was making the most of meeting a new person? Would he try to kiss me? I really wanted him to! He asked to walk me to my car (it was parked under a street lamp at the front of reception...I’m not stupid) as we stood there saying goodbye he softly put his arm around my waist and kissed felt like it lasted forever...I’d never been kissed like that! Matt told me he really wanted to see me again, he urged me stay in contact and downloaded WhatsApp to my phone for when he got back to Italy the next day. I remember driving away from that bar feeling so I was losing something that could have been amazing...all because of logistics! Matt continued to message and call me even more when he got back to Italy...he sent me silly little gifts in the post which made me smile and was so desperate to see me that he booked flights back to England that very next weekend! In fact...he did that 3 weekends in a row! On the 3rd weekend back it was his sisters 30th birthday party, he asked if I would like to be his date and meet his family...OMG is this too fast?! I’m not sure, but I am falling completely head over heels! Of course I went along and was greeted by EVERY member of Matt’s family with the same warmth and affection he had given me on that first date night...this was where he’d learnt to be so amazing! That was the night we were slow dancing to the last song when he lent in and asked me ‘will you be my girlfriend’...there was only one thing I could say...’it already feels like I am, of course I will’. And so our love story had really begun, it was so hard living apart but modern technology (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook) kept us connected. Matt would fly home every so often and regularly surprised me with plane tickets to Italy in my emails. We spent the next 12months building up lots of air miles back and forth. Matt wrote me a poem EVERY day and sent it to me first thing in the morning...I felt like I was living in a dream! After 12months, we couldn’t bare being 1000miles apart any Matt moved Kent! Circumstances kept throwing obstacles in our way, Matt had to complete a 2year teaching course on return from Italy in order to be able to teach in England...Kent was the only university offering this in the country! Ok, so only 250miles apart now...better but not perfect! We continued our long distance love affair, catching weekends together wherever we could...but it wasn’t enough! After 2years and lots of tears I finally decided I was moving to be with him, we moved in together and I finally felt whole for the first time in my life! I guess you’d say ‘the rest is history’ now. We eventually both retrained as teachers (a shared passion) and 3 years into our relationship we moved back to the Midlands and bought our first home together near our parents. Matt is my best friend, I can’t remember life without him and I can’t imagine any kind of future without him in it...I’ve truly found my soulmate who has never faltered even through all this adversity that our relationship faced. On my 30th birthday, in our brand new home as we were decorating, Matt set up a treasure hunt which ended up with him getting down on one knee and proposing...the romance is still strong even 5 years down the line! We were married in my family church this April and we are now expecting our first child just before Christmas...and it’s all thanks to PoF! Without this website I doubt mine and Matts paths would ever have crossed despite being only 2miles apart at some points of our lives previously...thank you PoF for ensuring my fairytale ending came in plenty of time for me to enjoy it. Amie, Matt and Bump