Shan & Rey, Married 9/2017

Before we 1st met on POF, I could see who looked at my profile. He continuously looked at my page, and I'm thinking, who is this guy that keeps checking me out and not saying anything? So i finally looked at his profile, I definitely liked what I saw. After days of looking at each others pages, he finally spoke to me on here. He caught my attention even more because he didn't approach me like most other guys. He was very polite and genuine. We then exchanged emails, and after about 3 weeks I gave him my phone number. We started to text and call here and there, maybe a month later we had our 2nd date and went to a theme park that date. We made it official before we left that park! That was in 2011. Our relationship had its rocky moments, we called it off and on a few times. Sometimes were rougher than others because we lived about an hour away and our schedules would conflict. But with the off and on, we always had the intent to get back together. Eventually we worked out our major kinks and from that point on we were stronger than ever. In November of 2016 we got engaged at the very place that we 1st met each other in person. Disney Springs. In less than a year later we got married! September! We still reside in Florida and we are coming up on our 1st anniversary in about 3 months!