Caitie & Randy, Married 7/2013

It all started with me sending my now-husband a short note on Plenty of Fish, along with a 'Virtual Steak'. It's silly - but it worked. No one had sent him a virtual anything on POF before, so that caught his attention and we started talking. We messaged back & forth for a few days, before we arranged for him to meet me at my house for lunch one afternoon. My room mates were there, just because I had never met someone in person through online dating before (safety first! but as soon as I opened my front door and locked eyes with Randy, I KNEW we had a connection. Less than a week after that, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and one year exactly after that - he asked e to be his wife. It will be seven years this month that we have been together & inseparable. We've traveled all over, gone on countless adventures, bought our home together, raised a kid AND two dogs, and we love each other more and more with every passing day. And to think - it all started with a Virtual Steak :) Thank you Plenty of Fish!