Jean-Franco & Kelly, Married

It's funny how life goes... you can wait your whole life or feel like you have all the time in the world for someone to walk into your life, but when they do, you end up having your hands full and juggling a millions different things... that's how it was for us. We were both looking for our significant other and had been on a few dates on POF and well, it just wasn't working and had felt like giving up and just going back to meeting someone in the old fashioned way when suddenly we made contact. I was working and managing my step-father's, the man who had brought me up, illness which looked to be terminal, but I still wanted to try and find someone. When I saw Kelly and her warm smile on the site, it just felt right, I wrote to her and she responded and we chatted a little until we exchanged numbers and had a chat on the phone, but then she told me that she couldn't really meet or give a relationship any thought as her step-father was terminally ill and in a hospice. I told her that I would give her a call in a month of so and I kept my word by sending her a message to ask if she was okay to which she replied 'I'm fine thanks. Are you still interested in meeting?'. You could call our meeting online a coincidence, but I would call it destiny. Kelly went through it before me and was able to help me through the bad times when my step-father became so ill he had to go to the hospice too. Before we had managed to meet, one morning while we were both on our way to work, she told me that her friend had just had a baby which had been born premature and was in Great Ormond Street and she was helping them by taking hot healthy meals and washing and drying their clothes for them and said she didn't feel in the position to meet as she felt guilty, but I encouraged her to meet me and so we made a date and finally on 12th October, we finally met at Clapham North Station. She was running late and had sent a message to say that she didn't feel prepared and wasn't wearing anything nice, but I told her to just come as she was, which she said had made her feel at ease. Her friends had also apparently told her to go because you never know! When we met at the station that evening, it just felt more right than anything had in a long time and our date went so well she managed to miss her last train and we ended up at a house party until 6 in the morning and well, we haven't looked back since then. We got engaged in April and have just found out we are pregnant too. See how amazingly fast life can happen, you just have to go with it and swim against the rather rough current!