, Married 7/2013

""It's Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After""
Steve and I both come from previous marriages that ended in divorce, so neither of us had high hopes of finding someone to fill the void left behind. After dating a few people and not finding the type of man I was looking for, I decided to give online dating a try. I created profiles on several sites, went on numerous dates, and met many interesting people, but none could capture my heart.......until the day Steve created a profile on POF. Steve had never used online dating and was surfing through pictures before deciding whether or not to join. Low and behold, he came across my picture and signed up immediately! It didn't take long before I received his first email. We seemed to have a lot in common and had the same morals and beliefs. After a month of talking and getting to know each other, we decided to finally meet. Our first date was at the race track, a love we both share, which led to a second date the very next night (at another track!). After two years of being together, Steve proposed to me on the beach with our children all around us. We've been together for four years, and each day keeps getting better! Thank you "Plenty of Fish", you have taught both of us that "It's Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After"!