, Married 8/2013

"True Love Does Exist - Patrick and Dava McCoy"
Our story begins in late December 2012. Christmas had just passed and we had each had no one special to share the holidays with! Patrick had gone online to cancel his POF subscription as he was "ready to give up." When he noticed the "Chemistry" tab and clicked on it. And there I was at the top of the list. Apparently thinking my picture was attractive, he clicked on my profile only to find out that we lived very close to one another and actually had the same profession - we are both marriage and family therapists! Upon receiving Patrick's message and reading his profile I was equally intrigued and two days later we had our first date at a local Chinese restaurant (our favorite)! At the end of our first date, Patrick asked me to turn away so he could write something down... I really did not think much of it. The next 7 weeks were absolutely amazing - Patrick and I were inseparable. He even took care of me after a scheduled surgery! We met each others families and we obviously very in love. On February 21, 2013, Patrick handed me a bag full of receipts and stubs from all the dates/activities we had done since beginning dating. There it was... the receipt from our first date. On the back of the receipt, Patrick had written, "I knew after our first date that I was going to marry you. December 28, 2012." I looked over and there he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! Of course I said yes and I suppose the rest is history! Patrick and I moved in together shortly after and immediately started planning our October 26, 2013 wedding (I have always wanted a fall wedding.) In late July 2013, we found out that we were pregnant. We were planning on beginning to start trying to have kids right after the wedding, but God was very anxious for us to become parents, apparently! :-) We went to the courthouse on August 6, 2013 and made it official and we our still very much looking forward to our October wedding celebration at Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar. We are so in love with our lives and so excited to meet Baby McCoy in early April 2014. And it's all possible because of Plenty of Fish! Thank you POF.com! All the best, Patrick, Dava, and "Baby" McCoy