, Married 9/2013

"Siblings set our spark!"
Luke and I met in March of 2011 on POF. After chatting for a few weeks we finally set a date to meet. We planned to go out for dinner on a Friday night, keep it short and keep it simple. Time however just wouldn't let us wait. Wednesday before our scheduled date I just couldn't help but call him and see if he wanted to meet up for a quick drink. Mind you Luke lived almost an hour away from me, I called at 10pm and on a work night. Surprisingly he accepted and drove over an hour to a bar close to my house. Just moments into our conversation just past the usual what do you dos and how was your day, Luke asked about my family. To our surprise Luke had a sister with Down Syndrome and I have a brother with Autism. We instantly connected, we connected more over our siblings then then we did with the instant attraction or the flirtatious banter. We ended up closing down the bar; not wanting to end the night. Friday came and we went on our scheduled date, date after date ended the same with us never wanting it to end. Ever since we have been the ying to each others yang. Our values, priorities, future goals and families mesh so well you might think we made this whole story up. One year later, with a gorgeous 5 am sunrise, Luke purposed 1500 feet above the St. Croix river in a hot air balloon. We will be married on September 14th, 2013. We never thought we would find our perfect match on the internet, and here we are so thankful for the love we found on Plenty of Fish. Thank you!!!!