Jamie & Kevin, Married 5/2013

"POF really does work"
We started talking online. Then we moved to on the phone. Then we finally met in person. There were a number of ups and downs in his life with all his drama. Something made me stick it out. Finally, it came to stay here in your miserable situation or move on and come with me. I left. I drove around the block because I didn't want to leave really but I could not continue with all the drama. Before I got around the block, he called to ask me to come back and get him. He loaded my car with everything he could get in there which included his cat. He has been by my side every since. We have a peaceful relationship. He has accomplished many things he needed to do since we have been together. His family is more accepting of me than anyone else he has been with. My family is very accepting of him. We are in a love and no one can take that away from us no matter what. We had a nice 11 day honeymoon down on the gulf coast and on into Florida.