Blanca & Jesse, Married

"Found my Frest Start!!"
When I decided to join pof I was hesitant about it then after being alone for so long. I meet him (Jesse) a couple of days after we talked and When we met on December10,2012, he was so nervous, he told me that he thought about messaging me cause he thought I was a spammer… so we finally met in person at a seafood restaurant, he brought me roses and chocolates, we talked and when we left the restaurant I thought that he would not call me again, when he called me back right away, we talked on the phone many times up until five in the morning. It was like we had known each other for years, I felt comfortable around him. It was like we were meant for each other. People thought that we were crazy because there was never a dull moment between us just laughter. He was there to pick me up during my time of affiliation and is there for me all the time. We dated for several months and got to the point where we were unrepeatable and always together before we went to work and after we got out from work. We would go out to eat and just drive around to spend time. In March, he finally proposed and gave me a gorgeous ring, without giving it any thought, I said yes. The love in our relationship grew and is continuing to grow stronger every day. In April we decided to move in together as a couple with plans to marry next year 2014. I know that we were meant for each other, he has been the best, by my side no matter what and he loves my kids. He has been what i have been looking for and he has made me real happy. i didn’t think that i could ever be happy until i met him. We still haven’t set a date to get married but we will be getting married in 2014.