EssEmmeElle: Caveat emptor... *Skeletor evil voice laughter*
Acerca De
No fumador con Normal tipo de cuerpo
College park, Maryland
35 year old Mujer, 0cm, Bautista
Origen étnico
Negro, Acuario
EssEmmeElle en busca de una relación.
PhD / Doctorado
A Professional G *shrugs*

Ten percent ratchet... *shrugs*

Buscando Hombre Para Largo Plazo
Necesidades No completado Química Ver su resultados
¿Consumes bebidas alcohólicas? Socialmente ¿Quieres tener hijos? Quiero hijos
Estado civil Soltero(a) ¿Consumes drogas? No
Color de cabello Marrón Color de ojos Marrones
¿Tienes vehículo propio? ¿Tienes hijos? No
Relación más larga Más de 2 años ¿Eres ambicioso(a)? Súper ambicioso(a)
Mascotas Sin mascota  

Acerca De Mí
Read carefully. It's fundamental.
•Grammar police (illiteracy is real)
•Hella smart
•Southern Belle
•Slick mouth
•Classy AF (but I cuss a little...well...varies)
•News/info junky (even conservative sources)
•Ten percent ratchet (I have goon cousins who are 100%)
•Hip hop head (EPMD to Wu Tang to Nas to Lil Uzi Vert)
•Alpha female
•Wild horse
•An anomaly
•Stillmatic *shrugs*
•Smizer (ANTM and Tyra taught me)

Please do not waste your time reaching out if you:

-don't believe in Jesus (Hmm);

-**********are not in shape (I lead an active lifestyle. I care about my health. You should too. I like fit bodies. I don't like big bellies or the offensive lineman football player build. I'm too petite for all that extra body capacity. Lol!)**********

-are not single (Really?!);

-are not straight (Child!);

-have had a with another man (Sir...even touching tips! Lmao!);

-are married (*side eye*...You should be ashamed!);

-are an ex of mine (Don''re an ex for a reason.);

-message me with run-on sentences and text-speak (i.e.: wyd, u, r, omw. Beyond “lol”, “smh”, “lmao”, and “AF”, I don't have time to crack the Davinci code. Use punctuation!);


-do sketchy work that could potentially get me disbarred (Prison ain't for the faint of heart. I'd never survive. I'll be damned if I'm playing trap queen.);

-have bad hygiene (Wear deodorant. Brush your teeth, floss, and go to the dentist. Use an actual washcloth. Wash that area between...never mind lol...You're an adult. Don't come around smelling like full court basketball, like you have a bad tooth, or like you chain smoke blunts! My sense of smell is extremely sensitive...think hound dog meets pregnant lady. Basic tenets, but often needs repeating. Smh!);

-unable to grow a full beard, have a beard that doesn't connect, or have an Anthony Hamilton beard with patches...LOL (I like beards. LOL! I crack myself up!);

-are just looking for a sex (*rolls eyes* Stop it!); and

-fail to proofread your message before you send it or ask me a question when the answer is clearly in my profile *cringes* (Grade school is free, but apparently illiteracy is still real. Ask yourself first, "Does this make me seem illiterate" or "Is the answer to my question already in her profile"? I'll never understand it, literally and figuratively, and I won't respond.).

Iniciadores de conversación (por ejemplo: ¿qué te gusta hacer en una primera cita?)
“Do you love this ish?
Are you high right now?
Do you ever get nervous?
Are you single?
You getting money?...
You think them dudes you with is wit' you?”

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