MzTye22: TALL, DARK, HANDSOME, SMART! No sex w/o dating!
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No con Unos kilos de más tipo de cuerpo
Stafford, Virginia
40 year old Mujer, 157cm, No religiosa
Origen étnico
Negro, Piscis
MzTye22 en busca de una relación.
Diploma de asociado
Travel Consultant

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¿Consumes bebidas alcohólicas? Socialmente ¿Quieres tener hijos? Prefiero no decirlo
Estado civil Soltero(a) ¿Consumes drogas? No
Color de cabello Rubio Color de ojos Marrones
¿Tienes vehículo propio? ¿Tienes hijos?
Relación más larga Más de 7 años ¿Eres ambicioso(a)? Súper ambicioso(a)
Mascotas Sin mascota  

Acerca De Mí
It’s always best to JUST ASK! However, here’s a little bit about ME-
I’m probably the best single woman you’ll ever meet! I’m great at relationships but I do not and have not ever begged anyone to be in my life! Life is short right? I say love the people that make you happy and enjoy the places and things that make you smile. So long as you aren’t hurting anyone including yourself you are doing it right! I’m a total nerd so if I’m not mentally stimulated I get bored easily. That was not a sexual reference at all! I literally would rather read a book or do a puzzle in any form than be bored by some conversation about your penis!
I’m a huge music and movie buff! If you can’t understand why I quote movie lines and lyrics all day then we definitely will not get along... I LOVE PEOPLE! I ALSO KINDA HATE THEM TOO! It’s weird but I’m a constant source of positive energy so when negative people are around it drains me... (the gift and the curse I suppose)
I’m open to something real so be real with me and we won’t have any problems. PETTY &/or bitter men need not apply. If you have to argue about something as simple as me telling you I’m not interested then please don’t bother speaking. We don’t all have to like one another. On a more upbeat note, I hope everyone finds that special someone... Best of luck!

Iniciadores de conversación (por ejemplo: ¿qué te gusta hacer en una primera cita?)
Let’s just talk and let the conversation happen fluidly.
If you’re going to say something blatantly sexual or derogatory at least use a Wu-Tang lyric... That way I’ll know you put some thought into it... (I probably still won’t like you but at least I’ll giggle)
GRAMMAR IS IMPORTANT! PUNCTUATION IS IMPORTANT! If I have to read your message twice to figure out what you’re saying I’m just not going to reply. Typos are one thing but come on!

Disclosure- I work nights so if my POF light is on during the wee hours of the night that is not a green light for creepy inbox messages. Please be nice guys...

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