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No fumador con Atlético tipo de cuerpo
Manassas, Virginia
50 year old Mujer, 175cm, No religiosa
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Blanco/Caucásico, Tauro
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¿Consumes bebidas alcohólicas? Socialmente ¿Quieres tener hijos? Indeciso/quizás
Estado civil Divorciado(a) ¿Consumes drogas? No
Color de cabello Rubio Color de ojos Azules
¿Tienes vehículo propio? Prefiero no decirlo ¿Tienes hijos? No
Relación más larga Más de 5 años ¿Eres ambicioso(a)? Algo ambicioso(a)
Mascotas Gato&Perro  

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Don’t creep me out with cat calls or terms of endearment and you’re a step ahead of the game. It’s plain creepy, guys. Please don’t message me if your ultimate goal isn’t a relationship. I certainly don’t expect that it always works out but I won’t spend 5 minutes on someone who is unable to commit. I’m looking for a man who writes complete sentences and doesn’t use terms of endearment or catcalls with strangers online, it is sad that I have to state this. I won’t answer to “hey” or one liners. Intellect is EVERYTHING to me. If you killed a fish and felt like you needed to post a pic with it I’ve got zero reason to respond. I’m looking for a vegan man,or one who is capable of the lifestyle once shown all of its benefits. Minimalist? Nature boy? Animal lover? Free thinker? Monogamous? Honest?????? I am looking for an intellectual, I do not go for bodybuilder types or sports fans, what a waste of time! Do you take care of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually? If you don't you sure as hell can't care for another. These are the qualities I seek. I am an introvert, for the most part , so don't be surprised when I am not flattered by your attention, just like you I get to list my preferences too so please keep your hateful responses to yourself. I delete and block any inappropriate messages or messages that show you can't interact with an intelligent woman, immediately. I think perhaps one man in 200 will read or understand this, I would rather be single than date for the sake of dating. It is also commonplace that men do not read profiles at all, which is confounding. The effort you make at the very beginning is indicative of the effort you will make in the future, and indicative of the type of person that you are.
If I don't respond it is because 1- I don't believe there is any way you would ever go vegan 2- you are rude 3- I hate small talk, say something real and/or 3- I am not attracted to you (They started letting women make decisions on that type of thing about 100 years ago)

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something vegan. :-) a trail run and food.

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