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burnin_for_you: Why Don't We Get Drunk & Screw ??? LOL
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Dillwyn, Virginia
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UPDATE: Seems people here are not serious about finding someone. They message a few times, tell you they're interested, might even talk to you on the phone & then "POOF" they disappear and / or stop talking. Then you say you are 55+ when you're really clearly 20 - 40 years old with the "exact" some descriptions & all you're doing is trying to scam men into going to xxx pay sites. You people pis* me off. I thought this was a MFing dating site not a hoe site?

Some people even whine like a bunch of sniveling baby rug-rats about guys not talking to them or treating them badly, but yet they do the exact same thing to guys. Ever thought about why those guys do it ? I have never seen a bigger group of LOSERS in my life in one spot. Some of you have been here for over 5 years. Wanna know "why" you stoopid tramps ? This site is just for my personal entertainment. I just got blocked by a scammer. Now that's rich ... AHHHHHHHH hahahahahahahahahah. What a bunch of loser moronic bass-turd hypocrites. I'm LMMFAO in your ignorant faces. I've got more brains in my pinky than you do in your whole vamp body. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahahahahahaha !

Bottom Line : 98% of you are a bunch of liers, two-faced losers & fake a** moron women. I'm looking for the other 2% !
If you're one of the 2% ... I urge you to keep reading !

I am old school & open doors, car door. I have the qualities you are looking for & then some. I have never cheated in my life, When committed, one woman gets all my attention. I enjoy Classic Rock, Motown & Modern Country. I am more comfortable in my jeans then dressed up, but I clean up well. I have many interests. I'm in no hurry. And for the record non-smokers, I am trying to quit. Anything else you want to know, message & ask !

You must be at least 50+ years old & know what you want. I am looking for a lady who has similar interests & who can add to my life. I adore shoulder length or longer / straight hair, but "THIS IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT". I am not looking for a "permanent" text buddy or long distance relationship. I prefer eventually talking on the phone or in person. Pictures & words in a box don't tell much about someone. I won't settle just to be with "someone". I seriously want to find my last love. If all you want to do is date forever then "Why are you here" ?

I am usually on here after 7:00 PM most of the time. If you're tired of being treated badly & you're serious about finding someone, you might want to consider messaging me. Give me a chance & see what happens, or you might just be passing up the best thing that ever happened to you !

NOTE: A few extra pounds means just that (5 - 10). If you're considered FAT or OBESE, don't waste my time. If you message me a few times or call me & then I don't hear from you within a reasonable amount of time, I won't chase after you or keep messaging you. I'll simply block your a** or ignore you altogether like you do to me. You're not worthy of me & I could care less !!!


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Meet / Greet / Talk to see if there's any chemistry ...
We can talk about pretty much anything you want to talk about ...
If there's a mutual spark, we can discuss what you want to do next ...
If not, no worries, you made a new friend ... 8^)

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