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Charlottesville, Virginia
60 year old Hombre, 175cm, Cristiana-Otra
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Blanco/Caucásico, Libra
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Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain? All right, no more cliché’s! But didn't life seem like a much simpler time back then? I mean, we lived more carefree with less responsibilities (kids & careers), we went out with groups of friends (at a decent hour), belonged to civic groups or ski clubs and met new people constantly. What happened? Where did everybody go? I know this is a small town that I live in, but there are tons of things to do around here, just nobody (cute & single) around here to do them with!
BUT I NEED TO DANCE...(preferably not alone, it looks kind of weird)

I'm a very active, outgoing guy, in decent shape that has a passion for life and most anything I do. Life is way to short to wonder "what if". You've got to take life by the horns and lead it where you want to go. I have a demanding lifestyle that is one that I also enjoy. My job keeps me at work for lots of hours but I'm also rewarded for my successes and hard work ethic. But we need more play time in our lives! I'm a dad to a wonderful 20yo son who's away at college, and gets most of my attention when he's home, on the other days, well it's just me. That too can change. I'm clean, well organized, a good cook that’s reasonably fit, have a good job, all my teeth and hair, and try to be somewhat easy to get along with. It would be great to meet new friends or start a new relationship with an active, outgoing, intelligent, pretty woman. Someone who also has a great zest for life that likes to do the many wonderful things the world has to offer and share the moments with the ones they love.
Care to join me?

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A picinic at a local wine festival, a night at a comedy club, maybe me cooking dinner for you while we talk in the kitchen and share a bottle of wine and each others laughs, a night under the stars walking around the downtown mall in Cville, or maybe a day at Busch Gardens ridining roller coasters......any suggestions?

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